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“You’ll also find how-to guides for open-minded couples caught in the temptations of infidelity,” says sex writer & erotica author Bella Blaze.

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Let’s talk about dirty, nasty, kinky, raunchy, debauched, taboo fantasies.

Infidelity is complicated.

There’s all kinds of reasons why men and women cheat…

Even if they’re in happy loving relationships…

Even if there’s nothing “wrong”.

Sex is sex and romance is romance.

As much as we all want to feel loved and cared for, that animal lust for carnal excitement can tempt even the best of us.

But… is that… all?

The harsh truth about infidelity

Bella Blaze
Ms Bella Blaze

Hey, it’s Bella Blaze here. I write about the “wild side” of the human condition.

The parts that make us fall in love and then throw rocks at each other.

Sometimes, at the same time!

If you’ve been cheated on, or you’re dealing with the emotional fall-out of an affair, you’re probably dealing with a lot of mixed feelings.

I’m here to help you confused men, women, and couples deal with all of the romantic, emotional… and sexual… consequences of unfaithful partners.

Believe it or not, an affair does NOT have to mean the end of your relationship…

But aren’t you supposed to be, you know… faithful?

Yes. Of course.

Yes, and no.

Okay, it’s complicated.

You’ve been told your whole life… from fairy tales to romantic comedies for grown ups… that happy means Happily Ever After.

Boy gets girl. Princess gets Prince. They kiss and… they never tell you what’s next, do they?

Ten years later, princess has lost her libido and prince feels neglected. Boy adds 100 pounds and can’t satisfy in the bedroom. Girl’s eye begins to wander.

And that’s only the beginning.

Many couples are discovering that they don’t mind infidelity as long as certain grounds rules are set.

Other couples are shocked to learn the surprising truth that the affair actually…

revives their long-dead bedroom!

Why today’s couples are more open about their flings

Whether we like it or not…

Each of us has a “dark twin” inside of us.

That nice, friendly, well-meaning personality of yours casts a very long shadow.

And in that dark place live many nasty things. Hate, anger, fear, guilt, envy, resentment, and jealousy, among other things.

Today’s couples live under no illusions.

Love and sex are messy, complicated forces. They move us in strange ways.

I’m here to help people… men and women… understand the weird, quirky — often confusing and contradictory — workings of their own feelings, desires, and thoughts.

If your partner has had an affair and you’re wondering what’s next…

If you find yourself wanting your partner to be unfaithful… even fantasizing about infidelity…

You’re in the right place.

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I start from a place of compassionate non-judgment

I don’t look down on you for your choices.

We all have our own desires and tastes. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to romance or sexuality.

Not all relationships have to be sexually monogamous.

Some people won’t benefit from sexual exclusivity… and some will even want a promiscuous partner.

Maybe that sounds strange to you. But with the realities of life, dating, and romance today, more and more couples are reaching a happy medium with “flexible monogamy”… and discovering a richer, more rewarding connection with each other.

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