Who is Miss Blaze?

Have you ever been cheated on by a partner you thought you could trust?

Most everyone has… and a lot of them don’t even realize it.

Some of it depends on what you count as cheating. If you go for the “Bill Clinton” version, almost anything goes. Most of us aren’t so loose with our definitions. Even so, unfaithfulness is shockingly frequent, even in couples who seem stable and committed to each other.

It might even be MORE common in those people you least suspect. The quiet housewife who seems so “vanilla” might have the most twisted sexual side you’ve ever encountered.

(Ask me how I know 😇)

Today… with dating apps… “hook up” culture… and a couple of years of moving online as everyone stays home… cheating is almost expected.

Whether it’s one or both parties in the relationship…

Infidelity is one of the most common… and most emotional… problems facing romantic couples.

That co-worker she “works late” with…

The ex-boyfriend that keeps texting her all night even as she reassures you”he’s like a brother to me”…

The husband who hasn’t given you a second look in years but finds your new neighbor… the one with the dancer’s body and perky rear-end… very much worth his time…

Unfaithful partners are all over the place

I’m Arabella Blaze, writer of “how to” books about dating, relationships, and sex.

I help couples facing the threat of infidelity find a new way forward…

… without ending their loving, romantic relationships.

And it gets weirder…

Upwards of half of men… and these are the guys who will be honest about it… find themselves excited and aroused when…

They imagine their special ladies having sex with other partners!


Wild, right?

Not that men will always admit this. There’s a lot of social pressure to keep your woman under control. And if you don’t, you’ll be the butt of everyone else’s joke.

While it’s not as common in women, many of the ladies have their own brand of “cheating” kinks. Maybe she dreams of being watched by her man… or being with multiple men… or maybe she’s even got her own secret desire to see him please another woman.

However you shake it out…

Monogamy’s turning out to be the abnormal condition!

If that wasn’t bad enough, you can’t talk to anyone about this. Even swinging, which has been a thing since the 1970s, is still considered a fringe activity for weirdos.

Men who condone a cheating wife… couples who agree to open marriage… pretty much anyone who follows their emotions and sexual desires even while in a committed relationship… are thought of as freaks and outcasts.

It doesn’t help that porn sets the agenda.

A lot of cuckold-themed porn is all about “girly” husbands. Men turned into feminine sissy-boys. Humiliated by well-endowed black guys. Degraded, cheated on, turned into pay-pigs for mean, narcissistic women.

You might like that.

I find those stories boring and not even the least bit sexual.

But that’s not to say the main idea is bad.

What, you thought porn was like real life? LOL 🤣

For real, my philosophy is simple:

Monogamy is complicated and infidelity… within the confines of a genuinely loving, caring, committed relationship… does not have to be off-limits… or a deal-breaker.

Most of my writing is a deep-dive into the psyche of the cheater and the cheat-ee.

I’m interested in the darker half of human nature… the part with all the violent and sexual emotions, the part that throws tantrums like a toddler in an adult body… the ugly, dirty part of your mind that we all hide away under the masks of personality that we’re forced to wear in public.

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Be good to each other 😉

Bella Blaze

~ Bella Blaze